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LPG 10Year Tank Testing

Our experienced and professional technicians are able to diagnose, clean and fix fuel tanks...

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Mobile LPG Repairs

If you are having any issues with your LPG system, then we can assist you. We cover everything...

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Petrol Injector Cleaning

Our gasoline injector flow bench has brought exceptional...

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Complete Auto Gas

Unbeatable Service With Unmatched Quality!!

With the value of diesel and petrol soaring and travelling prices getting more and more expensive, there is a substitute supplied, fitted and serviced by us at Complete Auto Gas in Lewiston and Gawler.

Complete Auto Gas specializes in the highest standard and most upgraded installations of LPG maintenance systems in the vehicle engines. Our fully qualified and trained technicians can carry out the highest quality LPG repairs as per the guidelines required for the engine.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to cover all eventualities like petrol injector cleaning, diesel conversions, tank testing, gas tuning among others. Our experienced and professional team will be able to diagnose your tune ups promptly and provide you with a quote for the service required in order to repair it.

Newly upgraded modern petrol engines incline themselves well to the LPG conversion. The most common form is the dual fuel structure which can operate both on petrol and LPG. The conversion comprises of fixing a secondary fuel system which ensures that the petrol system remains completely unharmed. It is easy to change from one fuel to another utilizing a dashboard mounted switch, with no salient change in performance. The LPG tank is basically fitted in the vehicle's boot and a wide range of such tanks are accessible to cater for all forms of vehicles.

An LPG servicing by our fully qualified professionals at Complete Auto Gas depends on the sort of vehicle although most of the conversions take approximately 2 days. Aside from one or two holes to be drilled, there are no changes to the automotive.

Complete Auto Gas only uses professionally skilled technicians and all work undertaken for our valued customers complies with full assurance and quality.

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