Complete Auto Gas
Complete Auto Gas


We believe that by making your LPG servicing in Gawler and Lewiston as simple as possible, you will appreciate and acknowledge the benefits that our systems offer. Our aim is to provide a service that you can completely depend on with competitive prices and full client satisfaction.

LPG 10Year Tank Testing

Our experienced and professional technicians are able to diagnose, clean and fix fuel tanks making huge savings against the value of several new tanks. Truck and coach diesel tanks can be cleaned or repaired out in the same way. When a fuel tank cannot be fixed or repaired, a remanufacturing service is accessible.

Mobile LPG Repairs

If you are having any issues with your LPG system, then we can assist you. We cover everything from a general checkover to replacing any paramount parts. If the issue needs diagnosing then we will come up with you and check over the system and try all the things we can to get you back up and running on gas, most flaws can be rectified within one-hour diagnostic period.

Petrol Injector Cleaning

Our gasoline injector flow bench has brought exceptional technology to fuel injector cleaning, petrol fuel injector testing and fuel injector servicing. If you desire to make sure that everything is perfect with your vehicle's performance, then your fuel injectors need to be cleaned and tested on the bench tester, such that your injectors are restituted to as-new condition.

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